Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday!

So- I'm linking up with the The Pleated Poppy blog this week for What I Wore Wednesday! Lots of women link up to this blog to show what they wore that week.  I'm kind of a busy girl and let's face it, I am not really on top of things all the time, so  I recorded 2 of my last 7 days- woot! Here we go!

Sunday:  Church, out to eat, Wal-Mart run

Dress:  Target
Necklace:  JC Penny
Merril Sandals:  TJ Maxx

Wednesday:  Work and out to lunch with a friend

Shirt:  Old Navy
Pants: The Limited (actually- they are The Limited pants, but I got them at Marshalls)
Shoes:  Weddings on First (yup- I wear my wedding shoes about once a week!)
Bracelet:  Thrift Store
Ring: Art Gallery in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Yay! Head on over to The Pleated Poppy to see what are people are wearing this Wednesday!

So, lately my dear cats are creeping into just about every conversation I have... what can I say- I'm one of THOSE people!  Here is some evidence that they are getting along famously!
Doesn't Carl looked thilled?  He loves to give Stella baths- what a guy.  Here's what they do when they are not lounging angelically...

Carl has a leg up on this activity- obviously!  But, Stella holds her own.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Joe brought home a surprise the other night....
I almost started to cry- I was so happy to get a girl in the house:)  Her name is Stella and she weighs about 1 pound at 5 weeks of age.  She was a campus stray that got separated from her Mom and brothers. 

Her and Carl are getting along pretty well so far.  Initially there was some cranky hissing, but now he has taken on the role of Daddy- watching Stella play and sometimes carrying her in his mouth by the scruff of her neck just like a Momma cat!  Nice to see Carl can be domestic!  He looks like such an old kitty compared to Stella!

In other exciting news- here's our new fence!  Up just in time for the proverbial wild neighbor people to
re-inhabit their house for the school year.  Good deal I guess!