Sunday, April 18, 2010

Survey Says...

1. Name given at birth: Katie Jo Rindahl
2. Nicknames: Jo, Katie J
3. Favorite words: Menomenie, Sheboygan, and Oconomowoc... all towns is Wisconsin
4. Hometown:  Sunburg, MN
5. Current Residence: Rolla, MO
6. Croutons or Bacon bits? Croutons
7. Favorite salad dressing: Hidden Valley Ranch... I was so sad the day I realized there is 14 grams of fat in 2 table spoons
8. Shampoo or conditioner? No More Tangles- the baby stuff. 
9. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Oddly- no. 
10. Do you make fun of people?  To their faces mostly...
11. Favorite color:  Pink or green 
12. Have you ever been convicted of a crime:  Nope
13. One pillow or two, cotton or feathers? Two- feathers! 
14. Pets? Carl! 
15. Favorite Music:  Oldies
16. Hobbies??  Running
17. Toothpaste:  Whatever my husband finds on sale at Big Lots
18. Favorite foods: Popcorn with Parkay Spray and garlic powder!
19. Do you get along with your parents?  For sure. 
20. Favorite town to chill in:  New Orleans
21. Favorite ice cream flavor:  Mud Pie Mojo
22. Favorite drink (non-alcoholic): Diet Moutain Dew

23. Adidas, Nike, or Reebok?  I Reebok The Pump 2.0.  I've bought 3 pairs on EBay... but they are getting harder to find.  So I have to resort to Nike. 
24. Favorite perfume/cologne:  Juicey Coutoure
25. Favorite Website(s):  A blog called Bambina Babe. 
26. Favorite subject in school:  Psychology
27. Least favorite subject in school:  Biology
28. Favorite alcoholic drink: Strawberry Long Island
29. Favorite sport to watch:  Gymnasitcs or Volleyball
30. Most Humiliating moment:  When I was at a lockin at a friends church in 8th grade, I unknowingly stripped in front of her entire youth group while I was getting ready for bed in the choir loft/balcony. 
31. Craziest or silliest idea:  I moved to Southern Mississippi without ever having been there before. 
32. What do you look for in a romantic interest?  Honesty and Kindness. 

~~~~~~~LasT Time You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

32)Spoke-  Said goodnight to my husband
33)Showered- This morning
34)Ate- Cottage Cheese right out of the carton for supper
35)Kissed- This morning when I woke up
36)Laughed-Tonight during my staff meeting
37)Wrote- Clearly this wasn't a well thought out question...
38)Typed-  See above
39)Studied- I study something pretty much every day... although the last time I took a test was almost 4 years ago in graduate school.
40)Drank- Drinking white wine right now.
41)Fought- Fought with the kitty cat this morning- I'm a lover, he's a  fighter
42)Ran- 4 miles yesterday with my friend Tiffany
43)Walked- Home from my staff meeting
44)Hiked- What qualifies as a hike?
45)Coughed- Choked on some weird apple water stuff today...
46)Rode a bike- Two summers ago... funny it's been that long. 
47)Rollerskated/bladed- I took one of my colleague's kids to a skating rink a few months ago
48)Iceskated-  Joe and I went in St. Cloud last winter
49)Bought something- Today- at the outlet mall in Lake of the Ozarks
50)Were sick- Thanksgiving- bad cold!