Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dr. Oz's. 3 Day Detox

Golly, I'm behind! This new year's post is falling under the category of "better late than never". I don't have any resolutions to share this year. However, I did start out the year with a health challenge that I thought I would pass along. I came across Dr. Oz's 3 Day Detox on Pinterest. I have never seen his show, but after reading a few other blogger's reviews and watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to give this a shot. This particular detox appealed to me because it involves consuming a fair amount of healthy food and it did not require consumption of any unregulated pills or unknown concoctions. In fact, I found everything I needed at the grocery store on New Year's Eve. Party animal- I know!

Are you thinking of trying this detox out for yourself? Here's my advice: chop all your fruits and vegetables up as soon as you bring them home. I was surprised at how long it took to prepare each drink otherwise. I was even more surprised at how long each drink took to consume! The drinks are large and often took me 1-2 hours to ingest. Overall, the drinks taste pretty good, though I missed chewing my food after the first day. I heeded the advice of other bloggers and ate the celery on it's own rather than putting it into the lunch drink. I also peeled the cucumber for the lunch drink the second and third day. If you decide to leave the peeling on, get ready for something VERY green and chunky! I thought it would be a big challenge not to have any coffee for three days, but I found that I really liked the green tea I had in it's place. The breakfast drink was also a lot more filling than what I normally have for breakfast, so i guess that extra food served as good distraction from the lack of coffee drinking.

What happened as a result of the detox? I lost about 4 pounds, which was nice after a lot of holiday eating. Another plus is that the detox pushed me to try some new foods. I am still looking for ways to use my leftover coconut oil and almond butter. Both are good healthy fats. After a a few weeks have passed, I can honestly say I am kind of craving the supper drink, so I guess I found some good recipes I can use again in the future! Overall, I'm glad I tried this detox, though I am not really looking forward to doing another one any time soon. It was a good exercise in mindfulness and it reminded me of all that I take for granted, which was an unexpected benefit.