Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Corn is Knee High by the Fourth of July

Happy July everyone!  I haven't posted for a while so let's back up a bit... Missouri has had some crazy weather this Spring/Summer.  Thanks to everyone who sent text messages and called with concerns- luckily we are over 3 hours from Joplin.  My thoughts and prayers definitely go out to all those affected.  Rolla had some crazy skies the night of the storm:

My work with the Doctoral program started just as school ended so I'm getting used to life as a student again.  While classes didn't start until July- homework started May 10th.  The program is structured so that most of the reading is done before classes started- and read we did- over 800 pages in a month and a half.  Lucky for me- I read non-fiction most of the time anyway- so it was more an adjustment of scope rather than content.  Classes started last Tuesday and as soon as I finish this post, I'll be hitting the road for week two.  It is great to be back in the classroom, but it also feels like things have come full circle after putting so much energy into supporting college students in my job.  I am hoping to continue working on Friday's for the rest of the month.  This will help me keep up with projects and conserve some vacation time.

I refinished a dresser for Joe recently. We both kind of liked this piece "before", but we're certainly pleased with how it turned out "after":

The color is Better Homes and Garden "Seafoam" and I just rolled it on with a foam roller.  We also switched out the hardware and ta-dah-  Joe finally has a place for his socks!

Speaking of Joe- he has been worked pretty hard on the lawn this Spring. He actually did the majority of our landscaping in one day.  I was shocked to say the least when I came home to find all or our flower beds lined with boulders and some new mulched beds put in to cover up the old carport foundation.  We also planted some vegetables which haven't fared so well in the ground... my late Grandpa Julias would be sad to see our corn was NOT knee high by the fourth of July- too much shade!  However, our topsy turvy planters have proved to be more fruitful!  Here are some of the goods I'll be eating this week in class:

My parents made a trip down to visit last weekend.  We shot off fireworks and went on a float trip down the Huzzah River.  Here we are- having a good time!

Last, but not least- it's my baby girl's birthday today- she's 1!  To celebrate, Stella played outside in the backyard, ate a can of catfood, AND got to eat a little bit of birthday Twinkie!  Here she is- having a great day:

Carl was happy to help out with the Twinkie!