Sunday, December 27, 2009

Five Minutes in the Mind of a Runner

My mind works all day long...I bet I have at least 8 separate thoughts every minute. When I am running, I get to hear them all.

And here we go... Guitar strumming patterns, down up up down up up down up up up, camp fires, stars, the snow, sitting in my parents hot tub a few days ago in the snow, talking to my dad last night on my husbands cell phone, realizing I didn't know my husband's cell phone number, my husband changed the oil this morning, and bought me a frame for my new picture, my wedding, taking wedding pictures, the misunderstanding I had with my parents during wedding pictures, registering for the a marathon, races getting canceled due to whether, the last race I ran with my friends April and Stef, who wants to run a whole marathon?, would my sister ever run a race with me?, I don't think she wants to start running..., what's that smell, Windex, who sprayed so much Windex?, breathing in cleaning chemicals can't be good for a runner, open airways, old man with glasses is watching me, why is he here?, maybe he has a family member working out, I spot an old lady with a trainer, I decide she's the wife of old man with glasses, opps, 'scuse me, track etiquette, gym etiquette, manners, folding cloth napkins like an accordion, watching YouTube videos on napkin folding, why would someone wear a stocking hat on the track, wrestlers cutting weight, watching Michael Roggeman spit in a garbage can during 8th grade English the night of a big wrestling meet...

Random, yes. But my mind is the most comfortable place I can possibly be.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book Review...

I'm reading this...
On a day like today, this book reminded me that you can't center your life on the wrong thing. For some people, their center rests on their friends. For others it's their marriage, their career, their church, or even their enemies. For me, the center of my life needs to be finely determined values: love, support, hard work, patience, justice, and purpose. I can't focus my being on other people, with all their crazy moods, emotions, or ideas. I need to live my life based on what's important as oppsoed to what is currently happening. Especially when everything that's happening is crazy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

ABC's of Tomorrow- My Birthday!

A- A year ago today, I remember exactly what I was doing at this very moment- driving home from Mankato after spending a day with my dear friends Kristin and Tamara.
B- By the time I finish this blog and go to bed, I'll be 26 years old.
C- Can't really tell you how I feel about this upcoming birthday... it will be my first birthday as a wife. It will also be Monday... and Mondays are usually pretty busy in my world.
D- Don't you know- I still have some things to look forward to tomorrow:) My husband got me something... I have no idea what. We went to Tiffany's a month ago to get my birthday/Christmas present. But- he decieded to save that just for Christmas now:) Not sure what he has up his sleeve- he is great at keeping surprises!
E- Everybody I work with is going out for lunch too- Imo's Pizza. It's a small chain out of St. Louis. Love the fried Green Beans!
F- For the evening's agenda, I am hoping to get to the gym before my staff meeting. Joe mentioned going out to Applebee's as well.
G- Gee, after all that good food- let's hope I make it to the gym:)
H- Holy Moses- I don't think I'm going to make it through the whole alphabet! Thanks for hanging in there to the letter G:)