Sunday, December 6, 2009

ABC's of Tomorrow- My Birthday!

A- A year ago today, I remember exactly what I was doing at this very moment- driving home from Mankato after spending a day with my dear friends Kristin and Tamara.
B- By the time I finish this blog and go to bed, I'll be 26 years old.
C- Can't really tell you how I feel about this upcoming birthday... it will be my first birthday as a wife. It will also be Monday... and Mondays are usually pretty busy in my world.
D- Don't you know- I still have some things to look forward to tomorrow:) My husband got me something... I have no idea what. We went to Tiffany's a month ago to get my birthday/Christmas present. But- he decieded to save that just for Christmas now:) Not sure what he has up his sleeve- he is great at keeping surprises!
E- Everybody I work with is going out for lunch too- Imo's Pizza. It's a small chain out of St. Louis. Love the fried Green Beans!
F- For the evening's agenda, I am hoping to get to the gym before my staff meeting. Joe mentioned going out to Applebee's as well.
G- Gee, after all that good food- let's hope I make it to the gym:)
H- Holy Moses- I don't think I'm going to make it through the whole alphabet! Thanks for hanging in there to the letter G:)

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