Sunday, May 15, 2011

Katie's Pick: American Beauty Quick Cook Pasta

Holy Moly- it's May!  And I need to update this blog!  Well friends and family- today I come to you with a new series- Katie's Pick!  I plan to use this series to share a few of my favorite things!  If Oprah does it, why can't I?  Let's be clear though- you will not be winning anything.  Sorry.  I'm bad at mailing things in a timely fashion.  Bills and birthday cards taunt me for at least a week before they find their way to mailbox.  Anyway- I digress.  Here is my first favorite thing!

American Beauty's Quick Cook Pasta!
I'm a girl that loves having dinner parties!  At these parties two things normally happen:
1. I make something I had never tried to make before.
2. Our hyperactive smoke alarm goes off, albeit smoke.  It once went off when I was just boiling water.

Between the stress of not screwing up my  new recipes and our bleeping smoke alarm, a girl can only manage so much.  For this reason, I really and truly love American Beauty Quick Cook Pasta.  Why?  Because it cooks in 3 minutes.  Not 7.  Isn't that amazing?  Add some pesto or sundried tomato sauce and wow- what a fabulous side dish.

If you want to try it- here is a link to a coupon: 
Random sidenote- have you seen Extreme Couponing on TLC?  If I had a coupon stockpile, it would totally include the quick cook pasta.  And cat treats.  And razors.  And Powerade Zero.  I am not sure I can commit to stockpiling anything else at this time.

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