Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First blog: Things to do before I'm 40

Lately I have had fun reading a few different blogs. It's fun to get an inside glimpse of someone else's thoughts. Here is my chance to share a few of my own ponderings with others. So, for my first blog, here are a few things I have been thinking about doing, before I turn 30.

1.Get married
2.Get my doctorate
3.Run a marathon
4.Have a baby/ procure a baby from someone that isn't ready to have their own:)
5.Get certified to teach yoga
6.Go to another country
7.Get involved in the Big Brothers, Big Sister's program
8.Spend more time cooking for friends and family

Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed with all the different ways I could spend my time. As an achiever, I like to set goals and spend time trying new activities. We'll see how I fair with these!

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