Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Katie's Fondue Cheerios

Thinking about cooking pushes me into the arena of borderline comatose. Food prep strikes me as a frivolous use of time. So, I am usually ravenous by the time I decide it's necessary to have a meal. At that point, I tell myself that I am getting married in a few months and I need to eat something decent to stay nice and healthy. I just discovered the most scrumtous grub for a lazy cook like me... here is what you do.

Take out the chocolate chips and put ten in a cereal bowl. No- not eleven, ten. This ingredient carries the bulk of the empty calories. Now- take the Parkay spray and mist the chocolate 3-5 times. Pop the bowl in the microwave for 45 seconds. Remove bowl from microwave and fill with Multi-Grain Cheerios. Stir stir stir until cereal is coated. Now munch munch much and wash it down with a glass of skim milk. Nutritious perfection. I promise.

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