Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

My dear husband turns 27 in less than 2 hours... in honor of his birth- here are 27 things I love about him!

1. He is so genuine- he dosn't put on a front for anybody.  What you see is what you get. 
2. He observes the humor in everything.  Spend a day listening to how he sees things- I promise you'll be entertained.
3. He loves his cat- and he'll do anything for him.  Sometimes he makes up little raps for the cat or talks to him is silly voices.  It's great.
4. He is kind to people.  He treats them well and tries to do what is best for them.
5. He helps me relax.  He reminds me to take a break and enjoy life.
6. He knows something about everything. He claims he read a lot of books out the non fiction section when he was little... now he watches a lot of documentaries. He knows a lot of facinating stuff and can explain how things work.
7. He fixes things.  It's amazing- computers, cars, small appliances- wow.  What a blessing.  
8. He dosn't complain about the little things.  He accepts them for what they are.
9. He gives great gifts- he really cares about getting the right thing for people.
10. He can hold a conversation with anyone.  He just knows something about what any given person wants to talk about.   
11. He looks for the good in others.  He dosn't get hung up on other people's imperfections or try to fix them.
12. He is patient.  He accepts that some things take time and you can't rush through them without wreaking stuff.
13. He likes to drive... for hours at a time.  So I can sleep or read when we travel.
14. He has a great family.  They really care about the most important thinngs in life- quality time and making fun memories.
15. He is a kid at heart.  He loves to play- swings, toys, skating, games.  He's not too old for any of it.
16. He has pretty eyes and a cute smile.
17. He is sure of his style. 
18. He  has great insight when helping other people with their problems.
19. He does his best work with everything.
20. He is good at managing money.
21. He's informed, progressive, and liberal.
22. He does the dishes and cooks for me sometimes. 
23. He grills a mean burger.
24. He will make a wonderful father for any little boy or girl!
25. He educated, but he isn't snobby about education.  He's the oppisite of snobby. 
26. He can do math in his head really fast.
27.  He loves me and he accepts me for all that I am good and bad.  He cares about making me happy.

Joe's first birthday as a husband, with a wife!  May it be the first of many wonderful days celebrated together.  I love you babe, you are really something and  I am so lucky to have you in my life. 

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