Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweater Recycling!

Looking for something to do with your old sweaters?  Maybe they shrank, maybe they were an impulse buy.  In my case, it was on clearance for 75% off at Target, so I thought, "you can't go wrong with that".  But, oh indeed, you can- so now my sweater with the wierd double v-neck collar is a couch pillow! 
Think it's a little weird?  Pottery Barn doesn't::

So- now you can recylce your old sweaters and save yourself $37.  Yay.  Oh, but what to do with the sleeves?  Candle covers! You can get these jar candles at Wal-mart for 3.50. The sleeves will stretch right over for a cute and cozy cover.

Again, if you have any weirdness concerns, console yourself with this from Anthropologie:

This would have set you back $13.

Other things you can do with sweaters from the Country Living website:

I'm dying to try the lampshade!  Thanks for cheking out project corner with Katie:)

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