Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About 4 Things...

Nothing reminds me more of fall than the smell of apple cinnamon roasting... er- dehydrating!  Joe and I picked up on my Dad' tradition for the first time this year- on a much smaller scale.  Smaller because Missouri apples are pretty small and we don't really have a desire to run a 3 dehydrator 24/7 apple shop.  If you want to try this- it's pretty easy!  You chop the apples, shake on some cinnamon, and wait for a while for the dehydrator to do it's thing and you're done!

We made some fruit roll-ups too!  I have to be honest here- Joe did all the work while I documented the experience- hehe.  What a guy:)  Here's what I think he did... chopped apples go in the blender along with a package of raspberries and some white grape peach juice.  This mixture gets poured on a fruit roll up tray (you normally have to purchase this separately- you can find them on-line) and put on the dehydrator overnight.

Hmmm- what else have we been doing... here are the 3 pictures I submitted to the photo contest...

We'll see how that goes!  Oh- and here's What I Wore Wednesday- only got one day recorded and it was a Monday, but I give myself an A for that effort...  Linking up with Pleated Poppy again...

Where I wore it:  Work- crazy amounts of meetings that day...
Dress: Target Clearance- bought like 2 or 3 years ago and just took the tags off this week.
Cardi:  Banana Republic
Tank: Target
Belt:  From a bridesmaid dress- shout out to Cat Standfuss!
Necklace- from that same bridesmaid ensemble
Tights- TJ Maxx
Boots: Target on-line

One last thing- Happy Birthday Mom- 29 and fabulous!


  1. Ok SUPER cute outfit! I love that you paired that all together, very creative!

  2. Katie,
    Loving the blog. Fun to hear about your life this way. I remember you sharing those apples when we lived in Brown--what a treat. Glad you are carrying on the tradition.