Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Digs

We bought a house last week!  After looking at on-line real estate postings for the past year, we started actually looking at places about 3 months ago.  We weren't overly serious about house hunting, mostly just attending random open houses.  Then last week, we fell in love with one particular listing and so we contacted the realtor and set up a private showing.  Joe knew right away that we would buy it... I played the role of the patient one, insisting that we look at one more comparable property, just to be sure.  Lucky for Joe, my "comparable property" was really creepy inside! Creepy attic, creepy basement, creepy used to be kitchen, now just a weird room with old cupboards- lol.  So, we confidently went ahead and  put in an offer on first house  the next day during our lunch hour.  It was accepted a few hours later.  I love it because it had wood floors, a white kitchen, and cute red doors- which are good luck!  Oh yes- fun cultural fact- people in Asia paint their doors red right before Asian New Year in hopes of good luck and good tidings in the coming year  Joe liked the basement and the big backyard.  I think we both like the fact it's charming and unique feel, the size, and the price.  Here are some pictures... PS- this is not our stuff!

The pictures don't show everything.  There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big laundry room, and a bunch of sheds outside.

The current owner is an artist that  runs a business out of the basement- It looks like she has done pretty well- her stuff has been featured in a few different magazines.  She did some cute artsy stuff in the house too- there is a distressed door in the master bedroom and if you look closely at  the kitchen curtains- they are hanging from bent forks and spoons.  There is a secret thing in the house too!  What is it?  I'm not telling- you'll have to come visit us after we close if you want to find out- hehehe:)  December 10th- we'll be good to go! 

Stay tuned for... a before and after of our new bedroom set I refinished last weekend! 

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  1. Congrats Katie!!!! I kept thinking as I was looking at the pictures "someone pretty chic must have lived here before"!!!, lo and behold an artist! It seems very you and I am sure you will make it look just as cool (or probably even better!!!!) Can't wait to come stay and find out the "secret!"