Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is this thing on?

Oh look- I'm alive! However, I do not intend to write a blog about not blogging- I don't like those! What's new around here? Travel: I went home twice in the last 3 months- once for my sister's 30th birthday and once for my 10 year class reunion. We went to South Carolina to visit Joe's family over mother's day weekend as well. We also spent a night in Kansas City at a historic hotel after a night out with friends at a fondue resturant- yum! Joe is about to head back to SC for a week to help his parents with some home renovations- such a handy man! School: I am headiing back to Columbia tomorrow to start my 4th semester of doctoral work at Mizzou. The prep has been tough for me this time around, but I a just going to keep whacking away- nose to the grindstone. This strategy has a way of working for me. Work: Higher Ed is alwasys exciting. Lots of good work to be done every day! Not going to lie- things are nuts around here- hence the lack of blogging. If you're feeling nuts too, might I suggest the folllowing.... 5 Things you Should Shamelessly Try and Subsequently Love: 1.Call me Maybe- so bad, yet so good! A song has not stuck in my head like this one for a long time! 2.Easy set pool- RoMo is too hot for this Minnesota girl to go outside w/o being immersed in h2o! 3.The Bachelorette- is it just me, or are none of the guys a good fit this season? 4.50 Shades of Gray- What woman isn't reading this book? 5.Pick a recipe- replace the most unhealthy incredient with Greek yogurt- bada bing bada booom.

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